First Review of Lion Forge Comics’ Catalyst Prime Universe

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This the the Experience some. . .call Jason. Today I’m starting a series of of articles on Lion Forge comics new superhero Universe “Catalyst Prime”. They kicked their new line off with a book for Free Comic Book Day, “Catalyst Prime: The Event”.

Today I’ll just be covering this issue. Going forward I’ll review a series a week in the order they were released. So next week we’ll talk about “Noble”, the week after that “Accell” etc.

The Event is written by Priest and Joseph Phillip Illidge with art by Marco Turini and Will Rosado. Some of these names you should recognize but we won’t go into them here, other than to say there’s some real talent involved.

The book opens with a sort of multi-page montage showing people with obvious powers. A man at a restaurant who’s clearly been caught in a hail of gunfire but is only upset about his suit, A younger looking guy running at super speed. Another page shows a woman confronting someone in what maybe an armored suit and yet another shows a couple in a large scale fight with one participant using a bus as a weapon. All of this under the title “Overture one year after the event”. This functions as a preview of the first few books to be released in the line.

The chapters following, introduce us to CEO Lorena Payan and a group of astronauts she’s sending in to space to save the world. It’s the classic meteor scenario. We see a bit of these people’s daily life leading up to the event. While you pick up on some of the personality of the astronauts you get a far better feel for Lorena as she gets the most “screen time”. You see her interacting with kids on a school bus as she rides with them to the school she started, her mentor and adviser “Shep” is usually at her side. They show her dealing with the fact that she knows the men and women she’s sending out won’t be coming back.

Once they’re out it space they lose the mission commander almost as soon as they arrive, though your not shown exactly what happened. Down one ship you see on of the astronauts furiously doing something on paper and telling the others to give her a minute. When asked she says she’s “winging it” and then you see an explosion.

The meteor is broken into thousands perhaps millions of pieces that rain down on earth killing thousands. Earth is saved. We see Lorena chew out an employee that tries to heap praise on her for saving the world. Instead insisting that they stay focused on the men and women that flew up there and all the people who died afterward.

The issue ends with Shep coming to her with the fact that all that all the telemetry was faked and the meteor was never going to strike the earth and virtually everyone who might have known that has been dying off. His last words in the issue are “what on earth have you done?” !!!SPOILER ALERT!!! It doesn’t end well for Shep.


All told I found it to be an interesting start to a universe. Not sure if it means everyone will have a shared origin via the Event or if that’s just the explanation for so many supers showing up at once. I’m also very curious to see more of Lorena, what she’s up to and why.

We’ll talk some more about her next week when we review Noble. It’s a year after the Event and the world is getting stranger.



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