Episode 16: You've Got The Look       ...Or Not.


This episode the crew discuss the "Look" of Superheroes on TV and in movies.Who got it right,who got it wrong.

Episode 15: Must See TV

This week we discuss what we’re watching on television. From CW to NetFlix,Check it out!!!

 Episode 14: Ready Player One/Future of the MCU

This week we review the film,"Ready Player One",and then discuss the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe..

Episode 13:Gotham By Gaslight Review

In the Newest episode The Toddfather,Tarky,and The Experience some call..Jason,review the DC comics animated release,"Gotham By Gaslight".

Episode 12: A Justice League of Their Own

The TOFTS gang discuss the movie,Justice League following it's release to home video.

Episode 11: Reboots

Join the' Too Old for This Ish' crew as we give our opinions on Reboots.This Episode debuts the new Nerd Eternal Network opening with music supplied by Huntsville's own J.D.Byrd.

Episode 10: Marvel's Fresh Start

Join us as the crew discuss Marvel's Fresh Start

Episode 9: Black Panther Review Part 2

Join the crew for Part Two of our Two part review of "Black Panther".

Episode 8: Black Panther Review Part 1

Join the TOFTS crew for Part One of our Two part review of The latest MCU Blockbuster,"Black Panther".

Episode 7: The State of Comics

Join The Entire TOFTS crew as we talk about the current state of comics,from the Big Two to the indie market!

Episode 6: Confessions of A Twenty Year Gamer

Join The Experience some call…Jason, The Toddfather, and your host CDL113, as they reminisce about their experiences with the “Alliance of Unaligned Gamers” over the past Twenty years. 

Episode 5: Tarky Takes Over!!!

Join Host Tarky, The Toddfather, and The Experience Some ... Call Jason as they discuss Competitive Gaming/eSports

Episode 4: The Cartoons We Loved

Join The Experience some ... Call Jason, along with Resident Millennial,Tarky,and The Toddfather,as they discuss their favorite cartoons of yesteryear.

Episode 3: 2018

This week we look forward, into 2018 and discuss what we'd like to see in the coming year.

Episode 2: Guilty Pleasures

Join The Too Old For This #$!&% gang as they talk about their Pop Culture Guilty Pleasures.

Episode 1: One Mouse to Rule Them All!

Inaugural Episode of "Man We're too Old for this #$!&%" Where we discuss the upcoming Disney/Fox merger.

Star Wars the Last Jedi 2 Electric Boogaloo

A collaboration Between the Nerd Eternal Network and our Friends at RCR Reviews. Reviewing Star Wars:The Last Jedi...

A Nerd Eternal Network Special Round Table discussion of the latest MCU Blockbuster,Marvel Studios Black Panther!!

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