Review of “Accell” from Lion Forge Comic’s Catalyst Prime line.

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This is the the Experience some. . .call Jason. Today I’m continuing my series of reviews on Lion Forge’s Catalyst Prime universe. Today we’ll be covering the first four issues of Accell, the Second on going book in the line. It launched in June and as of this writing is Seven issues in.

The Talent working on this one is Joe Casey on writing, with Pencils by Damion Scott and ink by Robert Campanella .

Issue one opens with our main character, one Daniel Dos Santos, playing games online. He’s fun is interrupted as when one of his buddies lets him know something’s going down in his city. Not because they know he’s a hero, just that they know he lives in L.A..

He’s already in possession of a costume so he suits up and takes off.

The situation he’s dealing with is a nut has taken over someones private jet is is aiming it at a building. As he runs he goes into what it’s like to move the way he does. There’s no sound when he’s at full speed and he doesn’t feel anything. He calls that the best part as it makes his strategy for dealing with this more doable. What he does is run up the side of the building and smash through the bottom of the plane. He never talks about having enhanced strength but he has no problem grabbing three grown men at once and launching himself back out of the plane. He comments about having the be careful of how he lands but the next thing you see is just the three businessmen he saved on the ground. Not sure if he just jumped down to the street at speed or if he leapt back to the side of the building and ran down.

We’re then shown the inside of the cockpit where a man in and old army coat, but one with a swastika button on it, is ranting about the “American Dissention Movement” will be heard and something about his self sacrifice serving as a warning to those who.. He gets cut off there as Accell bust in to the cabin grabs him and gets out. This time you see him running down the side of the building. He leaves the would be terrorist tied up in a federal building. Figures someone there will know what do with this nut job.

From there he run straight to the hospital. He’s starting to hear things, like his own heartbeat and knows he’s only got moments. When he stops all the damage he’s done to himself ramming through planes and such catch up with him and he collapses.

We wakes up with and arm and a leg in a cast, he’s head is bandaged and there’s a pink haired girl standing over him. He identifies her as his “current princesa, Monica Hayes” As she and the doctor talk everything slows down as Daniel concentrates on speeding up his healing piecing his bones back together in about the time it takes his girlfriend and his doctor to get a word out. He quickly bugs out of the hospital without giving his surprised doctor any answers about what just happened.

We get his origin at a restaurant as he fills Monica in on how he got his powers. Basically he found a rock from the asteroid that broke up in “the Event”. He saw it land thought it might be worth something and took it home. It sat under his bed for a month before it disintegrated on it’s own. He’s convinced that’s what did it. If he’s right, and he probably is, Then we’re two for two on our superheroes in this world owing their abilities to the asteroid.

After their dinner the girlfriend drops the “L-word” which he’s uncomfortable with as it usually makes girls “dramatic”. He’s into her! But he’s clearly not as into her as she’s into him.

For me the rest of the issue is a bit weak. Monica gets dropped off at home where we meet her rich d-bag father who disapproves of the freak she’s dating she tells him there’s nothing he can do about it so he goes and hires a costumed hit man…cause that’s….just what you do?

Now the fight with the masked man is alright but he looks like a generic 90’s Image Comics character. Lots of bullets and bandoleers and his gauntlets have guns for Knuckles. His name is “Barrage” ‘cause . . he shoots a lot. Despite being a guy with guns he gives our speedster a real hard time. He is in fact winning when a police chopper shows up and acts as a distraction and Accell escapes, ending the issue in the hospital again.

The next two issues deal with him out in the desert somewhere. He goes out to test his power and as a good excuse to get away from his girlfriend. He even gives her this whole “I don’t know how long I’ll be gone you don’t have to wait for me.” speech. Her response doesn’t please him. She goes in to how she felt when the news suggested he was dead after his fight with Barrage and how she’s convinced  their meant to be and she’ll what as long as she has to. Couple this conversation with some jealousy issues that crop up in later issues and I’m betting she goes full obsessed supervillainess at some point.

Once in the dessert he starts off by testing his top speed as he’s maxing out he seems to leave reality and ends up somewhere kind of psychedelic. I’m not going to try and describe how it looked other than to use the words “weird” and “psychedelic” He does get a feeling about his powers that it’s less that he’s just super fast than it is that he’s altering the physical laws around him. He also sees some kind of creature and when he runs into it he’s spit back out into reality.

He’s found by and old native american man named Jesse. They talk and Jesse tells him the story of the “demon whirlwind” before he turns in for the night.During the night their camp is attacked by a creature that seems to be made of sand. He makes the connection with Jesse’s story pretty quickly. While fighting and running from it he starts to slip into that “other place” again. While there he sees something looks kind of like a crystalline city. He finds himself caring less and less about the things following behind him and more about what he’s seeing in front of him. Eventually though the creature, who looks quite different and more solid in this realm recaptures his attention and while confronting it  he cooks up a plan based on the story he was told. In the story if you could grab three hairs of it’s head you could work miracles and send it back to the sky. He gets the hair and lands back in reality. The creature looks like sand again but is still coming after him. Jesse has come out of his tent and starts yelling at Accell. He throws something into the fire and Accell using the “Hairs” as rope pulls the monster into the fire where it disperses. Jesse explains that it’s not dead just returned to the sky. He starts to say more but is hit with a heart attack. Accell catches him as he falls and rushes him all the way back to L.A. to the hospital he’s familiar with. Jesse unfortunately only lives long enough to say a few more things then dies. The issue ends with him at a skatepark with Monica tring to do normal stuff to take his mind off of everything. They’re being spied on by one of her father’s employees.

Issue four opens with Daniel and his girl out with friends but he’s preoccupied thinking about the thing he saw in the dessert. We see the employee from the previous issue still following them around and very unhappy about it. He’s an account and seems clueless as to his bosses behavior. Much like me as I’m reading this.

The highlights of the issue are Mr. Hayes tracking down Barrage and demanding his money back. After looking at some of Barrages equipment he starts to question how he can afford it. Come to find out most of the money Barrage makes goes to a Glazz or as you see some of his men call him “Mister Glazz” He’s a large man in a suit and he seems to be made of glass. He’s also not a nice person. Accell runs out to beat up the bullying older brother of a kid he playes online games with. The kid, “Kev” winds up stopping him. Accell calls it another swing and a miss in the hero department.  

The last page introduces the threat for the next couple of issues a woman going by the name Midnight Blue. Visually she looks a lot like  a harder core Raven from the classic Teen Titans cartoon. Grayish skin black clock etc. She turns out to be rather neat and has an interesting power set. She’s tons better than than Mr. “I have guns for knuckles” in issue one!

All and all I’m enjoying “Accell” alright but it’s not the gem “Noble” is. For one the art is rough. It varies from ok to “omg what is this thing!”. Almost like the artist only wants to take the time to draw well for the more interesting pages. He does do the psychedelic stuff pretty well though.

Story wise I like the main character. He’s a nice guy that want to help and does the best he can but in his personal life he’s kind of screwing over the woman in his life without meaning to. The fact that his powers are a lot of your basic “Speedster” stuff but with a much deeper, odder mechanic behind it is one of the things that keeps me coming back. I like that his power set may be a lot weirder than it appears from the outside.

But his villains. Maybe Barrage is meant to be a send up of old school Image or 90’s characters in general, but I don’t care for him. Glazz who we only see for a page or so really just looks like Tomestone from Marvel just shinier. He could prove to be a good kingpin of crime type so I’m keeping my eye on him and hoping he takes Mayes out. Mr. Mayes is really a weak point with me his motivation of “grr I don’t like my daughter’s boyfriend” is a little then when he’s already hiring assassins in issue one. And in issue four Monica says something about how good things are going with them no matter what her daddy says and Daniel is clues as to what she means. So mayes hates him enough to hire supervillains but Daniel has no idea there’s any kind of problem there. Really hope Glazz kills him and take over the spot as main villain. Mayes really seems to want to play out of his weight class. Also for fuel for Monica to turn villain later.

So Catalyst Prime’s first swing “Noble” knocked it out of the park. Their second batter “Accell” …eh a solid base hit maybe a double. The art hurts it, and several story points bother me. On the other hand some of the story is really grabbing me.

I’ll wrap up for the week by saying you should try it for yourself. If you like speedsters it’s an interesting take on one. If your comic budget’s a little tight maybe skip it and grab “Noble” or “Superb” Instead.

Hope you enjoyed this review! Check back with us next week when we’ll look at “Superb” the third book in the Catalyst Prime line.



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