Review of “Incidentals” from Lion Forge Comic’s Catalyst Prime line.

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This is the the Experience some. . .call Jason. Today I’m continuing my series of reviews on Lion Forge’s Catalyst Prime universe. Today we’ll be covering Incidentals, the Fourth title in the line and their first real team book. It launched in August  and as of this writing is on issue Five. We’ll go over issue one in detail and briefly touch on the next three.

The Talent putting this one out is Joe Casey on writing, Larry Stroman on Pencils and Rob Stull on ink. The Series was created by Ramon Govea.

The series starts with a young woman on the run. She’s being chased by an SUV until she throws a hand behind her sending out a purple light that knocks the vehicle aside. A group of heavily armed individuals pour out of the SUV and begin fanning out to find her. Their commander tells them tranqs only and to prepare for another optical attack. He then gets cut off as he glow briefly and explodes…messily.

One of them wonders if that means there’s more than one of “them”. As one of the squad tells the other to form a perimeter a woman in a purple ninja-esque outfit lands in the middle of them and starts wailing on them with a set of fighting sticks. As they start to react to her she takes out all but the one behind. He explodes much like his friend earlier. This startles the woman and she looks to a man in plain clothes now standing on the roof of the SUV and tells him to stop showboating. He tells her it’s teamwork and she’s welcome. He calls her “V” and she refers to him as “Nuke”. They notice that the girl has bailed. V blames it on Nukes face.

An outline of a doorway appears in the air. V looks at it and tells someone named “Taylor” that he’s late as a preppy looks man steps through.Taylor seems annoyed that the girl slipped away but admits that they are all still new at this.

When I first saw this character all I could think of was “what if Jimmy Olsen and Norman Osborn got mushed together”. I’m not making a crack about him. There’s not anything wrong with how he looks. He just reminded me of both characters when I first saw him and the odd combination tickled me.

We cut from one street to another, one full of casinos. In a booth at a restaurant we see an man in a suit and a guy wearing jeans and a leather jacket talking. The suit is a detective hired to find a “Malcolm Winters”. The younger man in jeans is an MMA fighter who’s not happy to be back in town and cuts the chit chat off quickly. Suit gives him the info on Winters, he seems to be unemployed and spends a lot of time in one of the casinos

We see jeans watching him in the casino, following him home and having a flashback to  his early childhood where he’s being beaten with a belt one moment and having his head shoved in a toilet another. He wakes his father up and after a moment his father recognizes him and calls him Alex. They talk a bit. About what kind of person does the things he did, talks about how things have changed in the last twenty years. Especially after all the meteors, one in particular. Alex then throws his father across the room one handed. Pretty sure we can put Alex down for super strength.

As Alex starts to choke Malcolm, Malcolm tries to appeal to him “I’m yer father dammit…”. Alex tells him his insane and been dead to him for years. “I just thought it was time to come back and make it official.”  As he leaves his father’s place he flashes back to a woman breaking up with him talking about how they’ve changed since what ever happened on the beach.

Leaving Alex we cut to a high rise where Nuke, Taylor and Vanessa(V from earlier) are talking. On screens behind her we see a news cast showing and explosion, maybe a meteor strike. Cosmosis saving a kid from a car accident and between those someone  in costum moving and high speed. I’m not sure it they’re running or flying. They’re talking about how many more are out there and Taylor is not happy with how slowly they’re gathering them. They seem concerned for these others safety.

We’re then shown a man sleeping in the same building having dreams of alien landscapes with insect like beings speaking an alien language. It ends with mass destruction.

After he wakes up the scene changes to a club where Nuke and Vanessa are drinking. As they talk we learn that they were all on the beach that day. As Nuke is using the restroom Taylor teleports in. He hasn’t given up on the girl from the beginning of the issue. He says she’s still out there making noise.

In this case noise is fighting the police in a warehouse. She knocks them around with a light show and seems to no how to fight in hand to hand. She doesn’t appear to be killing anyone though.

The Issue ends with a helicopter arriving at the high rise we saw earlier. The man we saw dreaming, Mr. Chen is meeting with a younger man that can teleport himself, Marko Brenner. Chen talks to Marko about his dreams these places he sees being destroyed by cosmic fire. Marko asks if it’s meteors and Chen doesn’t know he’s not sure if they’re dreams to be interpreted or if he’s seeing the literal events. He leads Marko in to a room with what he says is a map of the universe. He is afraid of the coming storm he sees and believes that the people who have been altered have a responsibility and will face many obstacles here at home.

Issue one starts us out with a fair number of mysteries, who is the girl on the run from the police, why are the trio working for Chen, why does Chen want to geather powered people, what happened on the beach, who were the guys in body armor that the trio fought and why were they so willing to use lethal force against them?

Issue two starts with fights!  The woman on the run fights with the police and you later find out she at least blinded on officer. We see Alex in the ring. Shortly after that he’s approached by Marko who want to hire him and his ex. We’re also introduced to a police detective on the case of the running woman. And the issue wraps with a flashback to Alex and his ex, Shannon on the beach the day of the event. A meteor hits and sends them flying. Back in the present Alex walks into a florist shop that Shannon is working at. He’s told in no uncertain terms that he’s the last person she wanted to see today.

Issue three we follow the Police detective, Tristan a bit more and it becomes apparent the can sense people with power in someway. Over with Alex and Shannon we have them walking along a boardwalk talking she seems to think he’ there to try to get back with her, but he’s just there to tell her about Chen’s job offer. She seems to have been unaware that people other than her and Alex were affected. Meanwhile Tristan tracks the woman down but she flashes him with her power and runs off right in to another group of armored soldiers. The Taylor, ,Nuke, Vanessa  trio shows up and the fighting gets rough. Nuke seems to enjoy exploding people a little too much. Says this is what he signed up for, or maybe he just likes fighting in general. The soldiers have no use for the Detective when he arrives and declares he’s LAPD. He’s told that doesn’t’ matter her and catches the butt of a rifle to the face. The armored goons get away with the woman they were after. Taylor portals back to Chen’s office as Alex and Shannon are being shown in to tell Chen the news.

Issue four is a chase scene as the Chen’s people quickly regroup and load up to go after the kidnapped woman. Alex winds up dragging Shannon along to help, she is not pleased. It’s a running battle on the freeway that ends with Taylor getting the woman out but the armored guys getting away with Alex. Mean while at Chen’s building we see him have some kind of attack and start morphing out in to one of the aliens we’ve seen in his dreams.

All in all these first few issues have me interested to see where the book is going. We’re getting to know the characters but with so many of them and the story moving at a decent pace it feels like they’re only slowly filling out. Alex I feel I have a good take on but his killing his father means there’s a darkness in there somewhere. One you really haven’t seen much of other wise. As for the Trio and the rest  I find them interesting enough to want more info on them. I’d say give Incidentals a chance if you liked any of the early image stuff,wildcats in particular comes to mind. This book so far has a similar vibe for me. Unlike Wildcats the art isn’t stellar but it’s a bit better than Accell’s and gets the job done.

So far Lion Forge’s Catalyst Prime hasn’t put out a book I dislike yet. Will that keep up in the coming weeks? Be here next time and see, as we cover Astonisher and go in to the minds of the affected!


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