“The ToddFather Speaks….About the Excitement surrounding “Black Panther.”

When I was in my early 20s,And was still reading comics,and found myself getting back into action figures,after about a three year break,I was ashamed. Buying figures of the X-Men,and different characters that my best friend and I had to “kit-bash” as children made me happy,but I felt like I was too old to still be into toys,and was embarrassed to let most people know I was buying them.

Anyway,after a trip to Toys R Us,I mentioned my misgivings to my father,who offered me this piece of wisdom.He told me to apply this simple formula to anything that made me happy in this life. 1)Does it make you Happy? 2)Does it harm you,or anyone else? That’s it.If the answer to the first question is “Yes”,and the answer to the second is “No”, then run with it,and to hell with anyone that doesn’t like it.It’s not about them,it’s about you. And I want to give this same advice to people in general,but to my people in particular,concerning the upcoming Black Panther film. If you haven’t noticed,Black folks are REEEALLY excited about this film.And while true,it’s not the first superhero movie to have a Black lead,it’s the first in well over a decade. And it’s looking to be a grand adventure.Big time budget,all star cast,and a director that has yet to produce a bad film.Part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe,at the time of this writing,Black Panther is looking like it may be “Star Wars” in scale.

I mean Old School Star Wars,70s Star Wars,Episode One there hasn’t been a new film in decades type excitement…. And it’s full of Black people..Personally,I cannot help but squeal over that,because I’ve never experienced it before.See,if you’re reading this and don’t understand why this is a big deal to us,it’s probably because you have been fortunate enough to have had big budget fantasies about folks that look like you do.A piece of bread means more to a starving person,than it does to someone who regularly eats.Take it from a huge Blerd,we aren’t used to this.We are normally relegated to helpmeets,and sidekicks,criminal grunts,and “the guy that dies”, which comes in “ first”,and,”To save/motivate the White folks”. But “The Hero”? That’s rare. Even rarer If it’s Not Will Smith. So with Black Panther’s announcement,and after the first trailer,Black folks are happy..Really happy…”Holy Sh*t,Obama won,and didn’t get shot” happy.

Social media has been ablaze for months with some damned funny memes,people taking off work,planning get togethers,and parties surrounding this film……And of course,people have started trying to ruin it….*Sigh* This week,you’ve had an “Alt-Right”/DC comics fanatic group plan to sabotage the film’s audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.They got around 4,000 people to agree before they got shut down. I’ve seen video of some passive aggressive bigots try to get people to refrain from buying advance tickets to the movie,after the Pre- sales started shattering records.Though obviously,no one listened,or cared.

I’ve started to see the forces of “Black Depression “ creep from their holes. From the aforementioned “Alt-Right” to The “Militant,to the point of insanity” folks that say “ Real” Black folks can’t enjoy anything,ever,as long as oppression exists. You can usually identify them because they go out of the way to let you know the character,Black Panther,was created by two White Jewish guys..As if ANY comic nerd worth the name doesn’t love Stan Lee and Jack Kirby… But I say all that to say this..If you’re not Black,and you liked the character because you liked him in Captain America:Civil War,Go see the movie.If you happen to be a fan of Black Panther from the books. Go see the movie. If you like movies.Go see the movie,it looks like it’s going to be pretty damned good. Yes, you’re likely going to be surrounded by a LOT of Black people. Don’t be afraid. If we were half as violent as we’re usually portrayed,considering how we’re treated,don’t you think we’d have torn sh*t down to the bare rock by now? The absolute most that will happen is you’ll have someone talking to the screen,and most of the time,what’s said is hilarious. We know how to have fun and to my people. Show up..Show OUT! Dress in Your African garb. Wear Your Panther swag. Laugh,Joke,have a party,Imagine,and Dream. There is Power in fantasy. Everything that exists, started as imagination. Don’t let ANYONE steal your joy. We cry enough in this world,if this movie brings you joy,and you know it doesn’t harm you,or anyone else,run with it..Your joy is infectious,your laughter is beautiful. You first born children of God,When you smile,you light this entire world. Don’t let anyone take that from you. You deserve some happiness and with that,I’ll see you at the movies.



-the Toddfather

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